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About us

The company of “Algoritma Inc.” was founded in 1997 in Üsküdar, Istanbul and started to serve in the real estate sector. Algoritma Inc. has provided real estate buying, selling and leasing services in the local real estate market for many years, enabling its clients to acquire properties with high investment value.

In the past years, with the amendments made in the Land Registry and Cadastre Law No. 6302 regarding the acquisition of real estate by foreigners in Turkey, citizens of 183 countries have been granted the right to acquire real estate in Turkey “without seeking reciprocity”.

In addition, with the new regulations introduced on 18.09.2018 in the Turkish Citizenship Law No. 5901, it has reduced the minimum investment amounts required for foreigners to have Turkish citizenship in order to encourage foreign investment.

Due to the increased interest of foreign investors in property investment due to new regulations and incentives in the law, Algoritma Inc., 25 years of experience in the Turkish real estate sector by establishing its corporate website investmentinturkey.com, it started to serve its foreign customers from all over the world.

Algorithm Inc., through its website investmentinturkey.com, it offers reliability-tested, price-guaranteed properties to foreign investors from all countries of the world. Buying a property is a business that needs serious and professional support. Acquiring property in a foreign country can be more complicated. Because it is necessary to have information about the laws of the country in which the property will be acquired, the regions suitable for investment and living. The process of purchasing property includes important issues such as finding the property, the process of transferring the deed, and the transfer of the sale price. In many countries, there are malicious individuals and firms that benefit from the ignorance of foreign investors. As Algoritma Inc., with our experience in the real estate sector, we are with our customers at all stages of the property purchase process and provide them with professional service.

Our company provides professional services for foreign investors to make accurate and profitable investments in Turkey with our real estate consultants and lawyers in the process of buying property in Istanbul and gaining Turkish citizenship through investment in Turkey.

Properties for sale in İstanbul, Turkey
Başakşehir / İstanbul
Starting Price USD 470.000
06.2024 Delivery
24 installments
Kartal / İstanbul
Starting Price USD 117.188
12.2024 Delivery
12 installments
Kartal / İstanbul
Starting Price USD 151.000
06.2023 Delivery
12 installments
Turkish citizenship by buying property

Turkish citizenship
by property investment

The value of the real estate purchased between 12.01.2017 and 18.09.2018 had to be at least 1,000,000 USD and above.

With the change made in the Regulation on the Implementation of the Turkish Citizenship Law, foreigners can get Turkish citizenship by exceptional means by purchasing real estate in the amount of at least 400,000 US $ or equivalent foreign currency or equivalent Turkish Lira as of 12.06.2022.

For this purpose, a property on which a condominium or construction servitude has been established must be purchased under a contract of transfer of deed or notarized promise of sale.

The real estate must be worth at least 400,000 USD or the equivalent must be deposited in the seller’s account in foreign currency or Turkish Lira. The property purchased in the process of getting Turkish citizenship through investment can not be sold for 3 years and, this commitment will be commented on the deed.

Buying a property in Turkey for foreigners

Along with the amendment to the law, 183 citizens of countries have been granted the right to get property in Turkey “without seeking a condition of reciprocity”. The concept of reciprocity can be defined as the rights that countries provide to their mutual citizens. In other words, it can be explained as the fact that citizens of two countries can mutually buy property from each other’s countries. Foreign investors will now be able to buy property from Turkey without such a requirement between the two countries with the amendment to the law.

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