Trend Property Investments Inc. was established as a merger of two successful companies; one that had been serving in the tourism sector since 1999 and an other one operating in real estate since 1997.

Serving in tourism for years, the company has provided an excellent experience, accommodating all of its guests
needs and making them return home with pleasant

On the other hand the real estate company has counseled its clients to profitable real estate investments for 25 years, gaining insight and specialization in real estate law meanwhile.

Those two companies, specialized in their fields through the years, has consolidated their knowledge and experience under Trend Property Investment Inc.

Trend Property Investment Inc. helps its clients around the globe to find the most profitable and sustainable investments accurately.

Our company is a consultant to many high-value real estate projects in Turkey. Thanks to our position we were able to help countless foreign investors to acquire the accurate and profitable properties.

Our specialized team and technology provides all necessary data and easy access to assets for our clients worldwide.

Trend Property Investment Inc. ;
Forecasts the profitability and efficiency of an estate, using its regional and urban appraisal reports.
Monitors and informs clients about regional or urban plans, state projects, zoning, subway lines, construction
projects etc. that could affect the estate’s value.
Keeps foreign investors safe from misdirections in the sector.
Contributes to the Turkish Economy by bringing foreign investors through its local and abroad offices.
We are at your service with our expert team for the right investment and with our VIP vehicle fleet for our dear guests.